“Reveries about Language” is a series of immersive multilingual poetry recitals imagined as a multitude of sonic, visual and textual ‘promenades’ inviting the public to immerse themselves in the multi-sensorial experiences of poetry in English, French and Croatian in the space of the multilingual. These multimedia poetry events aim to show how the spoken word, sound and image can interact in an innovative way to create a series of ‘unbound’ expressions. They testify to the fact that poetry is, by nature, an interdisciplinary art form opening up new routes of experimentation and exploration of language in the multilingual, multimedia context.

The performances “Reveries about Language” in London and Zagreb are part of Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani’s project Unbound that received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council-funded Language Acts and Worldmaking  small grants programme in 2018 and 2019. They are supported by Arts and Culture, Queen Mary University of London & the Cultural information centre, Zagreb.

Watch the “Reveries about language” short film (Pinter Studio, 20 March 2019, London) here.

  • 19 March 2020, Cultural Information Centre, Zagreb, Croatia – Postponed to autumn 2020

An immersive multilingual poetry experience
Postponed to autumn 2020

With: Alo Allik | Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani Mina Ray | Bridget Knapper | Robert Šantek

`The recital is planned to take place online. New date announced soon.

  • 3 June 2019, Worldmaking Live Festival, King’s College London

Reveries about language was performed at the Language Act’s annual event, Worldmaking Live Festival. Top to bottom: Bridget Knapper, Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani and Alo Allik performing Reveries, a photo of the exhibition space and the Reveries exhibition desk.


  • 20 March 2019, Pinter studio, London 

“Reveries about language” that took place in London on the 20 March 2019 was the first in the series of immersive multilingual poetry recitals of “Reveries” based on Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani’s multilingual poetry. The evening began with a 50 min performance including readings of poems in English, Croatian and French, interweaved with short animations and live encoded music created and performed by sound artist Alo Allik. The performance was followed by the book launch of her new poetry collection Reveries about language containing poems performed on stage with an adaptation of Jasmina’s photography (also featured in the collection) in Alo Allik’s animations. The evening closed with a very interesting and engaging discussion between Catherine Boyle, the rest of the creative team and the poet on the questions of her multilingual poetry and its relation to the image, the “tension” between different languages read on stage, as well as the individual experiences of each of the creative team members of working with different languages in Jasmina’s poetry read on stage. Both the team members and the members of the public said how much they enjoyed hearing a language and/ or working in a language they do not understand. A blog piece with Jasmina’s reflections on the evening can be read here. The short film from the first Reveries recital can be viewed here. The members of the creative team were:

Alo Allik: Sound Artist
Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani Mina Ray: Co-director, Poet; Reader (Croatian, French, English); Voice on pre-recorded poems
Catherine Boyle: Co-director
Pierre Elliott: Reader (French, English)
Emily-Céline Thomson: Reader (French, English)
Jalal Sawalmeh: Voice in Arabic
Robert Šantek: Reader (Croatian, French, English)

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