The multilingual photo album ‘Seeing London in forty Day’ / London u četerdeset dana / Voir Londres en quarante jours’ was conceived and completed in May and June 2016. Jasmina’s project consisted in walking through London for forty days and recording her walking experiences in the city with photographs of new places in London she had not visited before. Each photograph was accompanied by a multilingual haiku verse, a short commentary or an observation of her act of ”seeing’ the city. Her aim was to write about her experiences of the city as multisensory, multilingual experiences; they were meant to explore the relationship between the poetics of urban space and poetry.

The album currently exists only in one hard-copy form (only one copy has been produced by Jasmina). It is divided into six different sections: People, Places, Nature, Sounds, Objects & Textures, Shapes, Patterns. Below are some of the photos included in the album.

Woman walking under the rain, St Stephen’s Row (9/5/2016)



‘Deep sounds of tam-tam’; triptych, Shades Thames (8/6/2016)

Deep sounds of tam-tam
vibrate on gongs, umbrellas of
the city jungle

Duboki zvuci tam-tama
vibriraju na gongovima,
kišobranima gradske džungle

Bruits profonds de tam-tam
vibrent sur les gongs, parapluies
de la jungle citadine

All images © 2015 – 2020 Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani.