I traverse the territory of language the way I traverse the desert
Listening to the sounds of silence
Contemplating the void
Searching for the blue, brilliant star
my face caressed by the wind
my body shaped by the effortless movement of sand dunes

I glide
            on the multiple lines of time
                                                            I smooth out
                        the curvatures of the temporal fabric
            I rearrange
the infinite spaces of deep red velvet
I fall
Into the embrace of the letter “U”
in my quest

My dreams are haunted
by the emotional resonance of words, images
L’écume se languissant
sur les vagues paraît telle une dentelle
                        He stands behind her and touches her naked shoulder almost imperceptibly
I am but a fleeting vision at the corner of your eye dancing                                                                                                feathers
                        The city receives her, enfolds her in its soft feathers
Watching thoughts unfold like petals
                                                            amber and jasmine
breathing in the scents of amber and jasmine

And whilst I play linguistic games
the Language weaves its own threads, it weaves the masculine
the       feminine
the neutral

Sometimes, I run behind my language
Sometimes, my language runs in front of me
in front – behind – behind – in front
It is a mad race for Time, only one survivor at the finish

We never run together, my language and I
I surrender to its deadly embrace

Mine is an acrobatic dance on the wire of space-time
my body moves
with the rhythm of the pulsations of life
memories rewritten
sensations impressed, reflected in the mirror of my mind
In the spaces of metonymy and metaphor

And I



into the arms of the sound “U”,
forgotten in my quest



(Published in The Still Point Journal, nr.1, November 2015)

All images © 2015 – 2020 Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani.