Reveries about language”, printed for Language Acts and World Making under the imprint of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, King’s College London (ISBN: 978-1-897747-36-0), 2019.

“With its startling imagery, fluid exploration of form and multi-lingual approach to poetry, Reveries About Language is a quest into a poet’s own heart of darkness through which the colour and light  of new realizations and thought-provoking ideas are refracted. At times gentle, in others brutal, it can be read as both a love letter and written warning that marks the ways language can propel an individual across the barriers of identity, time and space, and raises a question about how far each of us is at the mercy of words. An refreshingly unapologetic book from a striking new voice.” (Helen Cox, Poetrygram)

The collection contains both my poetry and my photography (with book design by Dejan Kršić). To access some of the poems included, see below:

The rose of Algiers / Alžirska ruža / La rose d’Alger
White / Blanc / Bijelo
Reveries about language / Sanjarenje o jeziku / Rêveries autour de la langue

Most of the poems in this collection were performed on the 20. March, Pinter Studio, Queen Mary University of London, as part of the multimedia poetry recital ‘Reveries about language‘. The short film “Reveries about language” can be viewed here.

A copy of the book can currently be purchased by contacting Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani Mina Ray at

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