Tempo, harmonies,
                   a certain colour
      of the soul, mornings
by the sea
         and the art of
                 sound engineering.

           In the control room,
an ocean of lights,
thousands of notes rise
from the dead page
                 of the score;
                     unusual combinations
hit straight to the heart,
heartbeat, a beat, heartbeat,
               beat of the heart –
they crash against salty rocks,
     marine soundboards;
                      kiss the wind,
                fall into the embrace, 

gravitational field of two planets.

Venus, Jupiter
        Jupiter’s rocky moon,
              erupting lava,
                    volcanic lakes,
            exploding soundscapes
silent symphonies
voyage back to the Earth,

      dust of astral red, gold
              green lands
                    on the mixing
                        desk of
                    the engineer.

The rebirth of sound. 

Featured image: Studio 2 Control Room, Abbey Road Studios, 8 April 2018


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