14/11/2016, 18:42 hrs. Light cloud, 11 degrees Celsius, Southwesterly breeze
(8 miles per hour)

The night of the Supermoon. The skies are covered…
I cannot see the moon… but I can feel its calming,
grounding presence. You asked me once ‘What is
your worst fear?’ and I said ‘Not to remember’.
I realise now that my worst fear is not to forget,
but to be forgotten. Because I know this: when dust
settles on my writings, your memory of me will fade.
Until I become a distant moon in the sky that once
was full of promise. And when dust settles on my
love for you after enough time has passed, my
memory of you will fade equally. Until you are a
faraway melody playing in the shadows of my past.
With each day that passes our memories of each
other weaken a little more. Call it the law of gravity.
Until we slip imperceptibly into the deep waters of
forgetting and our remembering becomes silent,
just naked sounds of time passed. So, I choose to
write to you every day. I write to you with words
so fresh, new, light that you can only read, hear,
listen to them with an open heart. A heart that
always remembers. For what are we without



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