11/11/2106, 14:42 hrs. Sunny, 10 degrees Celsius, light Southeasterly wind
(5 miles per hour)

The November sun is dancing between the tree branches
and the ship’s sails. A mellow afternoon. There are tourists
walking on the ship. Strangers…. yet, not. We are all connected
by invisible threads. Our lives; hearts, lungs, brains; veins
flowing through a complex system of networks. Like rivers.
Every river belongs to a river system; watershed. The main river
with its tributaries, smaller streams; branching away, fusing again.
All connected to the river’s source. Meandering. Yet, every river
is different. And every soul is indivisible, unique; like the river,
the body is connected to its life source…Every soul has its song.
When I say to you ‘I see you’, what I mean is ‘I see your soul’…,
or ‘I hear your soul’s song’.

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