Paris, 6/11/2016, 16:52 hrs. Sunny, 7 degrees Celsius, Southwesterly wind
(6 miles per hour).

My view is a balcony overlooking the Seine. I step out in
the fresh air. The street below me is empty, just a man
walking his dog. I breathe, soak in the softness, warmth,
roundness of shapes, colours, patterns… The familiarity of
feeling. Deep vibrations in the river’s undercurrents blend
with the urban noises of cars, sirens in the distance. The water
is flowing endlessly releasing its own sounds into the city.
In dreams, the river is a protector of haunted ships, it hosts
nymphs, lost sirens, mermaids… feminine creatures of the sea.
I notice glitters on its mirroring surface; it is becoming
darker outside. Your loving is a river; it never changes,
and it changes constantly.

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